The Chinese New Year 2016 brought a new discovery of keeping fit and happy. To keep fit, I walked in the local park and swam.  Teik Soon loved golf.  We were in different activities until we met an old friend, Toh Ee.  She invited us to try her taster class. An opportunity arose the 2nd time and I persuaded Teik Soon to come along.  After the lesson, he immediately told me what a great difference this new technique had benefited him.  He walked with an upright posture! Frankly I was overjoyed. I am so thankful he is now my companion to nordic walk.  It was great fun to be able to share and observe each other while learning the correct way to nordic walk. I realised nordic walking offload part of the weight from my knees while engaging the upper region of our body which we could not achieve through normal walking.  Mindfully we walked with our arms swinging to handshake height and doing the correct foot strike.  Teik Soon commented I now walked faster.  Yes, I could feel the difference because the propulsion of the poles assisted me as I walked. What a great workout for us!  We were blessed to share nordic walking with a group of fabulous friends named the Northern Nordic Walkers.  As a group and couple we started exploring more walking trails.  Nordic walking not only kept us fit, we had better bonding as a couple as we entered the diamond years.

I have great admiration for Toh Ee, our instructor.  She is patient with her systematic and encouraging method of imparting the techniques.  A huge thank you for being amazing, Toh Ee.

We appreciate nordic walking with you and strongly believe this fitness exercise will improve our physical and mental well-being. With nordic walking poles we travel!


~  Gaik Wah and Teik Soon