Since I took up nordic walking under my instructor, Puan Sri Toh Ee Siew’s guidance some six weeks ago I have done over 50km in 14 sessions, half of which under her watchful eyes.  Now I walk with a straight and upright back, with wider strides and with a more rhythmic heel-toe flow.  Friends start to notice my improved walking tempo!  I am also back to golf, twice a week, 9 holes each time.  And I seem to be always walking ahead of my golfing partners, while tugging on my golf trolley! And I’m the oldest of the team!  I also notice that proper aligned walking strides reduce the after-walk strain on the leg muscles and the joints.  My left knee does not give me any more problem now!  I am also gaining on stamina and faster recovery on my heart beats.  At the moment I find 45 to 50 minutes session at 2nd gear suits me best.  Will slowly increase the intensity.  Nordic walk definitely strengthens the upper body as well, a plus over normal walking.  And this type of walk also prevent one from bending forward which you will observe in older people who put on greater effort to achieve faster and wider strides.  I definitely will continue with nordic walk.

                                         ~Dato Seri Kee Yong Wee