I feel I must tell the whole world how beneficial nordic walking is.  My right hip is pretty bad with osteoarthritis and both my knees suffer the same fate.  I find walking ordinarily a strain and so took up nordic walking.  Having learnt to do this new style of distance perambulation from Puan Sri Toh Ee Siew, I’ve practised and can now walk a fair distance. The wonderful thing about this exercise is that I feel the pain if I’m not doing it correctly. So it’s not hard to learn, your body will teach you!

Recently, I was visiting my home in Hydra, Greece.  It’s an island that has no motorised vehicles because of the cobbled pathways throughout the island.  By law there are no cars, bikes or bicycles permitted.  One has to walk everywhere or hire a donkey to do the walking for you. There are about 160 steps up the cliff to get to my house.  I flew to Greece armed with these wonderful nordic poles and the techniques I’ve learnt.  Climbing up those steps everyday, I certainly felt like a mountain goat! And because we’ve been training to use our arms and upper body when nordic walking, my upper body has the strength to do this.

Thank you so much Toh Ee!

                                       ~~~ Ria Thomas