I found the nordic poles useful when we lived in Colorado when we hiked the Rockies.  Easy on the knees and stability when we scrambled upwards over rocky areas.  I cannot remember which model poles we had but they were aluminium types from Leki that has a " shock absorber" at the tip. Putting the medic cap on, I think the poles worked by allowing us to shift our center of gravity forward safely for stability and allow our upper limbs to supplement our legs and butt muscles with the gentle climbing. The patients with knee problems find it more useful walking down an incline.   ~     Dr Chan Kak Chen, Florida, USA

I had my routine medical checkup recently and passed all the tests with flying colours. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and relax.  I told my physician that I have added nordic walking in my exercise regime and I am happy to hear from doctor who commented that nordic walking is the best exercise because it is a whole body workout and will reduce impact on the knees. He advised me to encourage my whole family to take up nordic walking. Instructor Toh Ee Siew, I am thankful to you and I would like to say that you are on the the right track to introduce and share nordic walking with others. ~    Datin Cheam Shaw Fin  

Having heard about how nordic walking can keep body upright, healthy and magic word 'youthful', I bought a set of nordic poles followed by a nordic adventure trip to walk in the Swiss Alps. My my my, am I motivated?  YES!!!  I practise so much in my local park, that I found my knees crickets rickety is no longer there. After Puan Sri Toh Ee got certified as a trainer for nordic walking, our group of nordic buddies got better techniques and finer tips from Nordic Walking UK - the original brand & award winning leading authority on Nordic Walking across the UK.  With all her shared knowledge, I come to realise, it's such an enormous blessing to know how to nordic walk properly with the right techniques for health. Thanks Puan Sri Toh Ee!   ~     Patricia Teh  

The Chinese New Year 2016 brought a new discovery of keeping fit and happy. To keep fit, I walked in the local park and swam.  Teik Soon loved golf.  We were in different activities until we met an old friend, Toh Ee.  She invited us to try her taster class. An opportunity arose the 2nd time and I persuaded Teik Soon to come along.  After the lesson, he immediately told me what a great difference this new technique had benefited him.  He walked with an upright posture! Frankly I was overjoyed. I am so thankful he is now my companion to nordic walk.  It was great fun to be able to share and observe each other while learning the correct way to nordic walk. I realised nordic walking offload part of the weight from my knees while engaging the upper region of our body which we could not achieve through normal walking.  Mindfully we walked with our arms swinging to handshake height and doing the correct foot strike.  Teik Soon commented I now walked faster.  Yes, I could feel the difference because the propulsion of the poles assisted me as I walked. What a great workout for us!  We were blessed to share nordic walking with a group of fabulous friends named the Northern Nordic Walkers.  As a group and couple we started exploring more walking trails.  Nordic walking not only kept us fit, we had better bonding as a couple as we entered the diamond years. I have great admiration for Toh Ee, our instructor.  She is patient with her systematic and encouraging method of imparting the techniques.  A huge thank you for being amazing, Toh Ee. We appreciate nordic walking with you and strongly believe this fitness exercise will improve our physical and mental well-being. With nordic walking poles we travel!   ~  Gaik Wah and Teik Soon

Since I took up nordic walking under my instructor, Puan Sri Toh Ee Siew's guidance some six weeks ago I have done over 50km in 14 sessions, half of which under her watchful eyes.  Now I walk with a straight and upright back, with wider strides and with a more rhythmic heel-toe flow.  Friends start to notice my improved walking tempo!  I am also back to golf, twice a week, 9 holes each time.  And I seem to be always walking ahead of my golfing partners, while tugging on my golf trolley! And I'm the oldest of the team!  I also notice that proper aligned walking strides reduce the after-walk strain on the leg muscles and the joints.  My left knee does not give me any more problem now!  I am also gaining on stamina and faster recovery on my heart beats.  At the moment I find 45 to 50 minutes session at 2nd gear suits me best.  Will slowly increase the intensity.  Nordic walk definitely strengthens the upper body as well, a plus over normal walking.  And this type of walk also prevent one from bending forward which you will observe in older people who put on greater effort to achieve faster and wider strides.  I definitely will continue with nordic walk.

                                         ~Dato Seri Kee Yong Wee

I feel I must tell the whole world how beneficial nordic walking is.  My right hip is pretty bad with osteoarthritis and both my knees suffer the same fate.  I find walking ordinarily a strain and so took up nordic walking.  Having learnt to do this new style of distance perambulation from Puan Sri Toh Ee Siew, I've practised and can now walk a fair distance. The wonderful thing about this exercise is that I feel the pain if I'm not doing it correctly. So it's not hard to learn, your body will teach you!

Recently, I was visiting my home in Hydra, Greece.  It's an island that has no motorised vehicles because of the cobbled pathways throughout the island.  By law there are no cars, bikes or bicycles permitted.  One has to walk everywhere or hire a donkey to do the walking for you. There are about 160 steps up the cliff to get to my house.  I flew to Greece armed with these wonderful nordic poles and the techniques I've learnt.  Climbing up those steps everyday, I certainly felt like a mountain goat! And because we've been training to use our arms and upper body when nordic walking, my upper body has the strength to do this.

Thank you so much Toh Ee!

                                       ~~~ Ria Thomas